About us

It all started...

...as an idea. We turned the idea into prototype, prototype into a product and brought the Product to market. Thanks to many of our followers, early supporters and with help from Kickstarter we finally managed to bring Kiff to you.


Our mission

There is a saying that goes something like this: "The key to making a big change is to make a small change first." That's what we live by at Kiff. With Every person we manage to help our story becomes more meaningful.

Kiff was created with some of the key aspects in mind: Reusability Sustainability, Local production, Ethicality.

Designed with Reusability in mind Kiff is made out of small pieces of wood that would otherwise be discarded. but are absolutely perfect for our Product due to their small size. Locally made matters and that's why we made sure to produce everything right here in Slovenia. All in all, Kiffstory tries to contribute to the world and society in a positve and sustainable way.

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